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Severe Sleep Apnea Thousand Oaks

Severe Sleep Apnea Thousand OaksSleep apnea can be categorized as mild, moderate or severe based on the number of times that airflow drops every hour and by the extent of the symptoms. Determining how severe your sleep apnea is can provide us with more information about the best way to treat it. If you have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, our Thousand Oaks severe sleep apnea expert can help.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 30 or more drops in airflow per hour qualify as severe sleep apnea. Symptoms can include excessive daytime drowsiness, falling asleep throughout the day, uncontrollable sleepiness, impairment in social or professional function and an inability to complete necessary daily tasks due to sleepiness. Our expert in severe sleep apnea in Thousand Oaks may recommend lifestyle changes along with oral appliances or CPAP therapy for optimal symptom relief.

Thousand Oaks Severe Sleep Apnea

Severe sleep apnea has been linked to obesity, an increased risk of accidents and cardiovascular disease. A study published by PLOS indicated that men with severe sleep apnea are at a 1.5 times higher risk of death than those without sleep apnea. While researchers continue to unlock clues about how sleep apnea can affect our lives, patients can take steps to improve their health and sleep quality now.

Our Thousand Oaks severe sleep apnea expert will make personalized recommendations based on your needs. Oral appliances are generally recommended for patients with milder sleep apnea, but they can be helpful for people with severe sleep apnea, too. We may recommend an oral appliance in conjunction with CPAP therapy or if you cannot tolerate CPAP therapy. Oral appliances stabilize the soft tissues in the mouth and help keep the airway open by gently repositioning the jaws. CPAP therapy is also extremely beneficial and works by gently blowing air into your nose or mouth, which keeps the airway open.

Severe sleep apnea can seriously disrupt your sleep and your quality of life. Contact our office today to learn more about available treatment options or to schedule your appointment with our expert in severe sleep apnea in Thousand Oaks.

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