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Sleep Apnea treated with a Dental Appliance

Sleep Apnea treated with a Dental Appliance
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Snoring Linked to Cancer

Snoring Linked to Cancer

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About Dr. Dar Radfar


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TMJ Doctor Thousand Oaks

TMJ Doctor Thousand OaksYour mouth is a complex structure, and its health is intimately connected with the health of your whole body. When one part of your mouth is not working properly, you can have widespread symptoms. The temporomandibular joint is one part that can have far-reaching effects when there is any dysfunction. Our Thousand Oaks TMJ doctor can help.

When the jaw joint is not working properly, you may find it difficult to eat the foods you enjoy. You may grind your teeth and have a jaw that locks open or shut. Many people suffer widespread pain ranging from earaches and headaches to neck and shoulder pain. Our TMJ doctor in Thousand Oaks offers comprehensive care to treat this complex joint and restore its function and health.

The temporomandibular joint can become damaged through overuse, bruxism, arthritis, dental or facial injuries, and other health conditions. In some cases, the cause of temporomandibular joint disorders is not clear. Our Thousand Oaks TMJ doctor offers comprehensive evaluations that can help identify the root cause of your problem and determine the best treatments to control your symptoms.

Thousand Oaks TMJ Doctor

Because symptoms can be far-reaching, the right treatments may include a wide range of options, including:

• Cold or warm compresses
Compresses can ease pain and inflammation and help soothe tired muscles.

• Lifestyle changes
Chewing gum, biting nails and eating hard or chewy foods can all contribute to a worsening of symptoms. You may need to change these habits and eat a soft diet until your symptoms resolve.

• Medications
We may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medications to ease your symptoms and improve your jaw health.

• Physical therapy
Exercises can strengthen the muscles that support the jaw joint and help reduce the risk of recurrence.

• Cognitive behavioral therapy
CBT can help identify factors and habits that are contributing to the problem and help you move past them for better dental and jaw health.

• Stress reduction techniques
Because stress can cause or contribute to jaw joint disorders, learning better ways to manage the stress can help relieve symptoms.

• Surgery
Although rarely necessary, surgery may be needed to resolve or correct serious symptoms or functional problems.

Most people recover from TMJ completely and without any complications. If you are suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder, you are not alone, but many treatments are available and can help give you back your comfort and your confidence. Call us today to schedule your appointment with our TMJ doctor in Thousand Oaks.